Designs Inspired by Nature, Elegance, and Whimsy
My name is Julie, and my passion for beading began about 25 years ago.  My beading projects started small, making a few pairs of earrings here and there. Then I repaired a necklace with great success.  I thought to myself, if I can repair necklaces, why not take my beading abilities to the next level and design and make necklaces?  This was a long process, with much trial and error on materials, design and craftsmanship.  Watches became my next challenge and also presented obstacles which I overcame.

As with many hobbies, my hobby started out small and then took on an existence of its own.  I allowed it to grow and become what it is today.  In addition to my humble beginnings of earrings, necklaces, and watches, my company has evolved to include bracelets, pendants, wine bottle stoppers, bookmarks, key chains, snow flake ornaments and virtually anything that can be beaded.  You never know what the future holds.   

I am inspired by a variety of materials that I integrate into my designs.  Mostly, I use semi precious gemstones including Certified Baltic Amber, Lapis, Botswana Agate, Jade, Amethyst, Garnet, Onyx, Amazonite, Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, and several kinds of Jasper, to name a few.  The stones I offer will change and vary over time depending on availability.  I enjoy the elegance, sparkle and precision cut of Swarovski crystal and embellish my jewelry designs with it every chance I get.  Some other materials I find intriguing are coconut shell, lamp worked glass, copper, aluminum, leather, bone and pewter.  I combine my experience, creative energy, attention to quality and detail, and a genuine desire to exceed customer expectations to provide you, the consumer, with a unique beaded original that will last. Thank you for your interest in my beaded designs, and I look forward to building you that special something that you can enjoy for years to come.